Manawa: (n.) ‘’All that we’ll ever seek, lies within our heart." Whaka: (v.) ‘’to bring into being"

Merging into... 'MANAWAKA'


(n.) "To stand in the power of our heart’s wisdom, to bring into being what lies within us.”



I am an Imagineer, yoga teacher & group facilitator. I finished my MBA in Imagineering back in 2018, during which I learned to facilitate transformation within organizations & communities.


I deeply fell in love with this process. Not only because I was given the framework to evoke sustainable impact, but also because I started to embody its principles on a personal and inner level. Principles such as compassion, purpose,  co-creation & imagination power deeply transformed how I looked at the world and myself. 


With this new awareness, a deep calling within me emerged to share my experiences with the world. It's has become my quest to reconnect people from the inside-out. 


So I slowly started to fill my tool/experience kit, with yoga studies, energetic healing & coaching courses. 

This has led me to found The Impact Expedition in 2019, and Manawaka in 2021. Here to serve you, here to unite for the greater good. 

Ready to find your Manawaka

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What people say

“Everyone was understanding not only of the best parts that we presented, but we were also understanding on the worst parts of each other. There were a lot of things that could make you uncomfortable and when you are uncomfortable, your society personality goes away and your real personality comes back. 90% of the time it was empathy within the group and that is what made the trip so strong and memorable. ”


Participant The Impact Expedition 2020


Manawaka Drivers

Community - Driven

I believe in the power of community. I have been blessed to witness the power of bringing people together with the purpose of growing, (un) learning, healing, and impact. The unconditional support, love, and friendship that emerges, is out of this world. I am dedicated to not only serve individuals/groups, but I am also dedicated to empowering communities worldwide, with you. Not to preach, not looking to fix what is broken. But Instead, learn from and with each other, so we can co-create bright futures globally (see howLet's unite for the good of all. 

We are all able to move closer to our essence, our authentic selves. I believe this requires us to look at, heal, and integrate all parts of ourselves. This is a courageous act, and nobody claims it to be easy, but is is meaningful, and raw, and it is why we are here. Because it is from our true-essence that we are able to bring forward our unique traits in the world, for the world. It is fulfilling, yet not self-centered, its simply you following your highest excitement, your heart & purpose. For the good of all. It is what you need, it is what the world needs.



My motto has been "Dare to see the world with different eyes". Because when we dare to look beyond our perceived reality, beyond logic, you will see that this world is full of opportunity. Along the way, we have might have forgotten that we are creative, non-linear beings. We have trusted on logic to lead us the way. But I believe that we are in essence creative and curious. We just need to dare to follow this curiosity, so we can start to imagine & create a life that is built from joy. Through creative techniques, I would love to help you tune back into this natural state of yours! 

"To live and create from the heart" - what does that mean? It means choosing love over fear, and heart over head. The heart is where your soul lives. It is the highest place of yourself, it's your true nature. We all have a source of unconditional love within us. We might have touched the surface of this love in our relationships. But please know that someone can not give to you want is not already present within you, they can only activate it, illuminate all that is. It is up to us, to activate the infinite source within us that is always present, which is always unconditional. There is no need to depend on an external source, a partner, or even a guru. You are the love you were looking for.



Modern life has slowly disconnected us from nature. We have forgotten the restorative power that nature holds. Nature in itself is a source of therapy and healing.


To immerse ourselves in nature is also a way to reconnect to our own true nature and become more of who we are, to live with our own seasons. It helps us see that we are part of something bigger.  Just like the trees, the mountains, and everything that lives, we too are a physical manifestation of creation, everything is interconnected!