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Lay your roots
Reveal your truth 
Rise into the you-est of you 


Manawaka is here, not only reconnecting you to the deepest truths within yourself, but we are also here to unite you to those who are on a similar quest.


There is a type of transformation, that can only happen in the sacred space that a group holds for one and another. That transformation emerges out of a deep sense of belonging, out of safety, playfulness, out of being fully seen & accepted for who we are.


Often, we get lost in the rush of life, and in the overwhelm of today, we forget who we truly are. We forget what we truly value, we forget that there is a place within us, that is always still, that knows the way. But luckily, we can remind ourselves and each other of the power that lies within us all.


That is why Manawaka offers you the opportunity to join your own tribe of women for a monthly circle, where we will dive deeper into ourselves and bring ritual into our life. We'll do this through practices such as yoga, meditation, energetic therapy, breathwork, tapping into our imagination and dialogue.


We will retrospect on themes that are present in our lives, such as safety, boundaries, pleasure, purpose, freedom, expression, and connection. These themes are rooted deep into our bodies, insight and healing doesn't happen from our thinking mind. You can't think your way out of blockages, and you can't push yourself into flow. It happens through feeling, through presence. It requires a new way of being.


And that's what we'll do. Together. Whether you fully know who you are in these terms, or whether your personal quest of self-exploration had just begun. Wherever you are on your path, your sisters are here to support you in building a life that reflects your deepest values.


These gatherings will not leave you with the feeling that you should do more, achieve more, work harder, become better. In the contrary, these gatherings will encourage you to release the less important, energy consuming things in your life, so that the space can arise in which your mind is calm, and you are filled with life force energy.


Because the greatest gift you can give yourself, and the world, is to reconnect to that state of inner strength and knowing within. Not to become ''a better version of yourself" , but to embrace all parts of yourself, and daring to find your strength in there.


Remember, all that you'll ever seek, lies within..

Are you ready to bring this into expression in the safe and playful presence of your tribe?


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What to expect in a circle:


☾ Ground and reconnect with ourselves & nature

☾ Create an energetic field with the group that will support our processes and connect with each other

☾ Introduction of the theme of that month

☾ Gather Insights on these themes through for example movement (yoga and/or dance) energetic treatments, creativity tools, meditation, breathwork (a combination of different practices is often used)

☾ free space for you to (co) facilitate your own workshop so you can share your wisdom with the group (we all have so much value to share!)

☾ Talking stick ceremony & dialogue -

tuning into the wisdom of the group

☾ Journal/writing exercises for reflection purposes and accountability, so you'll bring your shift into your life

☾ Explanation on tools for that month

☾ Closing ceremony : integrate shifts / insights,

close down the energetic field


Throughout the month, we will continue the support each other in a private group chat, and you will receive the necessary recordings of practices of that month.


It's an honor to walk with you on this path,

with love, Carlijn


This circle will be guided by Carlijn. She is a transformation guide, yoga teacher, and energetic coach. 

Carlijn Geluk 


"I started calling that girl back. The girl who loved living, the girl who danced instead of walking. The girl who had sunflowers for eyes, and fireworks in her soul. I started playing music again, hoping she would come out. I started looking for beautiful moments to experience, so she would feel safe enough to show herself. I know she was in there, she just needed my kindness and my effort to come to the surface again."

- s.c lourie

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