We are often encouraged to live from our thinking minds, resulting in losing our connection to our hearts & innate wisdom.


And maybe more than ever, we find ourselves stuck in a culture of ''us vs them", losing connection to each other, and a sense of community has become inevitable too.


However, we are wired for connection, and this craving for a little bit more soul & flow in your life is natural.


This 3-month Manawaka Ritual Program aims to reconnect you to your sacredness and your natural state of being, 

by bringing more awareness, ritual & community in your life. So you can start to stand in the power of your own wisdom and strength:  Your Manawaka


What makes this program unique is the holistic combination of creating body awareness & vitality through yoga/movement, the attention for personal & spiritual development, and the group dynamics. It is all about creating a safe space for you to find refuge in your own body and heart, as well as within your community.



Every Monday evening we will gather in order to kickstart the week ahead with intention & awareness: We will release the old, and set intentions for the new, during introspection & group exercises, after this we will integrate and anchor this new awareness during a gentle yoga practice.



To sum up the 3 elements:

Movement, Spiritual Deep-Dive, Sisterhood


What does movement contribute to this ritual?

  • Cultivating a healthy & loving relationship with yourself through yoga 

  • Clarity and calmness - learning to go from our head to our hearts 

  • Learning to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, tune in to our intuition

  • Anchoring a new awareness on a deeper level than just mentally

What does the spiritual development aspect contribute to this ritual?

  • (re)connect to your Self, others & Source

  • Becoming conscious of what you find important in life

  • Working towards a desired future

  • Become aware of your inner dialogue, slowly move away from self-doubt & criticism


What does sisterhood contribute to this ritual?

  • The way we are able to hold space for one and another accelerates our healing & empowerment process

  • Learning & reframing through the wisdom of the group

  • Group encouragement, support, & accountability

  • A sense of belonging, a new soul-family to share your process with: both the ups and downs

Ready for a DEEP-DIVE? 

The deep-dive option includes a monthly private deep healing session with the Urim-Code, during which we will quest through body, mind, and heart. The Urim-Code is a light frequency chair, which activates our self-healing capabilities and this way reconnects us back to our true nature. Our true and authentic Self is inherently creative, abundant, and whole.


Because the chair works on a cellular level, deep healing can occur, all in your own timing.


Combining the Manawaka Ritual with a monthly deep-dive into the Self will accelerate your spiritual process. I'd be honored to guide you towards your true nature, your true potential as a human being.


Next group starts 03/06 

 Only 11 spots available per tribe!

During the pandemic offered through zoom

Every Monday: 7 PM till 8:45 PM 

Monthly deep healing: by appointment




Choose your path & investment:


    Your time to rise & unlock whats inside
    Valid for 3 months
    • Manawaka Ritual Monday Access +Private Tribe

    Your time to rise & unlock whats inside+
    Valid for 3 months
    • Lite benefits + Monthly 1:1 deep-healing session