Finding my 'Manawaka'

Updated: May 1

In this blogpost, I would like to share my story of how I have reconnected to myself over the years, and it what ways. Looking back on my journey, the concept 'Manawaka' makes so much sense and it feels as my purpose to pass on my experiences and help others on their path. Not because I feel like I have the wisdom, but because I know you do, and thats what we need to reconnect to.

The first time I truly reconnected with myself, was on a mental level during my master studies Imagineering, 'a methodology for transformation and social change'. During these studies I reconnected to parts of myself I had not stimulated for so long: being creative, co-creating with others, tapping into my sensitivity, having empathy, and compassion towards others and the world. Truly create value and meaning.

I thought I had to be tough, and competitive, masculine to survive and thrive in today's world. But this approach made me deny qualities in myself that were actually really valuable. I slowly started to reconnect to a side of myself I had really missed. I started to embody this on a personal level. Being more compassionate towards myself, being aware of my mindset, wanting to contribute to a better world. This was when my personal development really kicked in.

This personal development slowly shifted towards a curiosity for spirituality. I started to ask myself questions relating to the meaning of life, to who I was deep down, to who we all were, and what the connection was in it all. I started to learn about the power of our thoughts, and that we and everything around us is all made out of energy. This journey has led to so many insights, mystical experiences, and a more authentic life experience.

I wanted to share this journey with others, I knew it was my purpose to do so. This was when The Impact Expedition was born: a full-circle travel experience to Nepal, during which we combined a social Imagineering project with personal & spiritual development. It was beyond magical, especially bringing a group of like-minded people together. Within those 3 weeks, we became a tribe, and we all shifted deeply.

Around that period and in Nepal, I was blessed with more mystical and healing experiences.

I experienced the healing powers of Mother Nature in the Himalayas, helping me to (partly) release the sexual trauma I have experienced as a teenager. I studied Pranic Healing (energetic therapy) in Kathmandu, and found my beloved Bali-based yoga teacher Denise Payne. I started to reconnect with myself on so many levels: through body, mind & heart.

Yoga helped me tune in with my body and heart, on a level I didn’t know was possible. I had not realised previously, that my presence was placed outside of myself. I learned to be present within my own body, to listen to what she has to say. Our body holds so much wisdom, we just need to be still and present enough to hear and feel it! Oh for how wish for more people to cultivate this loving relationship with ourselves!!

I am still learning every day, and I plan to do so for the rest of my life. But I can't wait to share more and more of my practice with you and make combinations of my experiences and expertise to help you on your path, both on a spiritual level, as well as on a practical level.

I do not hold the world's-wisdom, I just hold my own, just like you hold your own. But allow me to be a beacon of light, to simply help you navigate you on your path. To empower you to follow your highest excitement and express your full potential. For that is truly, living your Manawaka.

My Background

Masters in Imagineering,

a methodology for transformation and (social) innovation. ​ 200h chakra based Yoga Teacher Training 50h Yin / Fascia Release Yoga Teacher Training I have been trained and mentored by Denise Payne

Recent courses

Followed several courses such as Pranic Healing (beginners & advanced), Awakening the illuminated heart & Merkaba healing, coaching essentials, Energetische Stoelkunde (Energetic Chair Therapy) NLP weekender, Design Thinking tracks, Tony Robbin's mastermind training during I learned to help people uncover their full potential.

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