Journey of Healing

Updated: May 13

Written on the 14th of March 2020 by Carlijn Geluk, in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, after a beautiful journey with The Impact Expedition.

The first seed for healing was planted in a plant medicine ceremony so sacred, where I reconnected to the Divine Feminine, a force so powerful I had not yet experienced in my life.

This part of me was buried underneath piles of shame and denial. Denial of the woman that has lived within me. However, she was waiting to unleash and be free. Now, she no longer needs to hide, she no longer needs to escape.

She was truly welcomed in the Himalayan mountains, it felt as if Mother Nature carried her, and showed her how welcome her being is in the world. While carried by Mother Nature, and unconditionally supported by her tribe, she finally let go..

Tears and emotions were released from her being in these sacred mountains. Like a waterfall, a purifying cleanse. A cleanse form the shame and trauma that she endured but that no longer needed to define her. A cleanse from the resistance and denial.

She will no longer hold back her power and inner strength. She can now embrace her light and healing power. She can now simply be. She can go out in the world and carry herself authentically, pure and raw. She is strong, yet compassionate. Kind, but determined and fair. Sensual, but pure and innocent.

Shine your light fearlessly, you little warrior.

A letter from myself, to myself.

Writing can be so healing.

With love,



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