Deep Healing

Coaching & Energetic Embodiment

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 55 euro
  • Home Office

Service Description

Book a Deep Healing session with me where we will quest through body, mind & heart. Understanding ourselves on a mental level is only one aspect of transformation. It is an important aspect, but we often forget that our bodies and heart hold so much wisdom and information too. Information about what holds us back, or the wisdom to feel where in life we are meant to go. In other words : "To stand in the power of our heart's wisdom, to bring into being what lies within us" / Manawaka. This is what I am meant to do in this life, guide you towards your 'Manawaka'. I'd be honoured to help you tune into this wisdom and bring it back to your everyday life. This can result in you taking inspired action, and/or adopting an expanded state of being. In order to work on all 3 levels (body, mind & heart) I use the Urim-Code, a light frequency chair, which activates our self-healing capabilities and this way reconnects us back to our true nature, which is inherently creative, abundant and whole. Because the chair works on cellular level, deep healing may occur, all in your own timing. Book your session and experience it yourself. Disclaimer: Healing occurs in your own timing, you'll receive what you are allowed and ready for. The chair will do its work regardless, with or without you being 100% consciouses about this. Trust your process.

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Lange Weide 130, Breda, Netherlands