Healing Session

Come home into your own body & heart through yoga & energy therapy

  • 2 hours
  • 77 euro
  • T.B.D

Service Description

Book a private Yin Yoga session with me where, besides yin, we will combine practices such as breath work, fascia Release, pranic Healing & sound healing for you to come home into your own body. The stillness that yin yoga can bring into our body, mind and heart has an effect on so many levels. It will create more space physically, mentally and energetically. This space will allow what needs to come to the surface. As the practice of yin encourages you to be present in your body, you can slowly let go of emotional and physical trauma that has been stored in your connective tissue. Fascia is connective tissue made of densely packed collagen fibers, permeating the entire body. Physical and emotional trauma is stored within this web of connective tissue. Besides passive poses that we will hold for longer periods of time, we will also use tennis balls and pressure points in your body to release what is stored within your fascia. This goes beyond the mental level, there is no need to analyse what is happening. During this session, you can simply observe, and release while letting yourself get carried away by the healing sounds of my Nepali singing bowls, in a safe space. Sessions usually take between 75 min and 2 hours, but we will take as much time as needed for you to leave with a sense of release & ease. No experience with yoga or healing practices needed. *prices are ex 21% tax

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Lange Weide 130, Breda, Netherlands