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Manawaka: (n.) "To stand in the power of our heart’s wisdom, to bring into being what lies within us.”

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From will-power to heart-power

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“Shedding layers that aren’t me. Layers of whom I thought I was supposed to be. Beyond fear, beyond trauma, I am finding a fuller version of.. me” 


I believe that the best thing you can do for the world and yourself is to reconnect to your innate power and true self. This truest place of ourselves is inherently creative, resourceful, and whole. I have invented a word for it: ‘Manawaka’. It means, to stand in the power of our heart's wisdom, to bring into expression what lies within us. 

I made it my quest to reconnect as many people as I can to their Manawaka. I do this through gatherings (programs, retreats, workshops), 1:1 transformation sessions, and full-circle immersions to Nepal.


What I love most, is uniting people who dare to see the world differently, to guide a process of deep transformation that can only happen in the sacred space that a group holds for one and another.


Imagine a place where all people live from their Manawaka? Wouldn't that be paradise? Let's start, one by one. 


By combining movement, deep healing & tapping into our imagination, I hope to help you shed the layers so you may unfold into the creative, resourceful, and whole being that you are. 

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"This is not a search, this is not somebody you find, this is about embracing all parts of you, you used to deny.


This is about surrendering to who you were all along. This is not about leaving, this is about coming home. Home into your own body, home into your own soul.


To reconnect & become familiar with. It is about knowing intuitively what roads to follow, which people to welcome on your quest to your truest & highest Self.


And oh, what a familiar feeling it is, to come home to yourself, in the presence of community" 


"Carlijn's positive energy and optimism enthused me. I can say that she very much supported me in integrating the internal journey that I was experiencing. She had just the right question at the right moment that made me think differently! Thanks to her, I grew personally, getting to know better my strengths and talents, and also professionally, learning the basics of Imagineering techniques."

Gabrielle Le Chevalier